CNC AXYZ router
CNC Router


The Millennium AXYZ CNC Router system allows us at signs ink to cut virtually any shape of sign. We can also stack cut shapes to give unique 3D effects. The bits range in size with 1/8 inch being our smallest on hand for very intricate cutting. Routered lettering can be beveled with the aid of the rotary engraving bits. This routering system cut metal, wood, plastics, foamboard and much more.

routered alupanel



village idiot routered sign




The Village Idiot routered sign was manufactured using 3 layers of routered half inch crezone plywood with decals applied over each layer



Zalas steak house routered sign



Zalas logo was routered out of 3 pieces of 1 inch gator foam then glued together to get the desired 3 inch depth. It was painted black and a faded decal attached on the front. The Pizza and Steak house sign is 3/4 inch gator foam painted and decaled the screwed and glued to aluminum black which was sheeted with a faded decal.